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Summit, NJ


Kara Richardson Whitely is an award-winning author & speaker who has presented at Google, Pfizer, Dartmouth, Purdue and more. Her book Gorge was featured on Good Morning America and in the New York Times among dozens of other publications. Her latest book, Weight of Being, was featured on The Today Show.


Kara Richardson Whitely's blog of adventures and issues on the journey to wellness.


Facebook Live with my friend and teacher Cheryl Strayed

Kara Whitely

I had the delight of hosting a Facebook Live with my dear teacher and friend Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things, Brave Enough and Torch) at the Eating Recovery Center Conference last weekend. 

There were some glitches with the Internet connection so it ends abruptly. Still it is a beautiful conversation about self-compassion and forgiveness on the page and in your world. 

Hope you enjoy it!