Owning My Truth

One of my favorite movie scenes is the final rap battle in 8 Mile. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. As I'm on the brink of my book publication and some major publicity (including  Good Morning America on Thursday), I harbor some fear about what people will say about me.

There are a lot of fat shamers out there. There are lot of people who won't understand the plight of someone who could hike Kilimanjaro but could be conquered by a cupcake.

But I've told my story as bravely as I could, knowing there are a lot of people out there also struggling over food. To me, to them, it's not just as simple as eating less and moving more. It is an agonizing daily struggle. Some days you get it right, and even drop pounds. Most days you don't, sending you off into a mental tailspin.

So I  turn to this clip of Eminem in 8 Mile in advance of the trolls who are sure to eat me alive with nasty comments about my body or my struggle.  I'm no stranger to bullies I have written about a number of them but as I'm promoting the book, I have promised myself that I won't let others bring me down.

Eminem's rivals lambasted him about the fact that he's white, lives in a trailer park with his mom, his friends and his girlfriend who went astray. All odds are against him.

In this clip, he's victorious because he stands in his truth and renders his competitor speechless.

My aim with Gorge is to share the human experience of compulsive overeating/food addiction/body issues/chronic dieting/and so on to those who understand and those who seek to understand in the context of one of the most amazing journeys of my life.   

To do so, I must stand in my truth and be victorious.

Kara Whitely4 Comments