Highlight Reel: From Self-Published to Book Deal

Facebook did the nicest thing. To celebrate their 10th birthday they created a video celebrating your history using the social networking site. I have to tell you, they nailed it.

Since I joined in 2008, my video serves as a tear-jerking documentary about my journey from "just doing it" as a self-published author, my beautiful daughters, my supportive husband (who IS a rock star), my path to eventually appearing on Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN and finally getting a book deal.

It reminded me that you can do a lot in 5 years. That there are a lot of joys, disappointments, setbacks along the way but if you keep heading toward your dreams, you'll get there. And as the expression goes, "Don't worry about how long a project will take. The time will pass anyway."

 Thank you for the memories, Facebook.