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For literary inquiries, please reach out to her agent, Kim Perel of Wendy Sherman Associates.

Summit, NJ


Kara Richardson Whitely is an award-winning author & speaker who has presented at Google, Pfizer, Dartmouth, Purdue and more. Her book Gorge was featured on Good Morning America and in the New York Times among dozens of other publications. Her latest book, Weight of Being, was featured on The Today Show.


Kara is a media maven with a passion for sharing adventure and helping others move mountains. In addition to being a content creator, she has experience working for a top brand agency in NYC.


Consulting and Collaborative Services


Kara is a marketer with brand experience. Helping you engage, represent and inspire people who struggle with weight. 

With more than two decades of media experience, in addition to documenting her experience in film and award-winning books, research resources, Kara can help you make sure you are accurately portraying people of size in positive and empowering lights.

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